Bella & Phil's relaxed vibe wedding @Nancarrowfarm in Cornwall

These 2 were really fun to work with! I haven't met Bella and Phil before as they came over from Australia just before their wedding day, but we clicked instantly and the few hours I spend with them was a pleasure.. and my first time shooting a wedding at Nancarrow Farm.  I have been to the infamous feast nights before and tasted their delicious locally sourced food, but never shot a wedding here before.. what a stunning venue just around the corner from where I'm based!

Bella and Phil's wedding was a filled with laughter mid summer wedding with polish traditions. In Poland, a central part of the wedding ceremony is the presentation of bread and salt to the newly-married couple. The parents of the couple present them with rye bread sprinkled with salt and a drink; the bread represents the symbolic hope that they will never go hungry; the salt reminds them that their joint life will have its difficulties and the drink represents the parents' wishes for health and happiness for the couple. The bride’s mother holds the tray with bread and salt, and asks her daughter: "Which do you choose: bread, salt or the groom?” The bride answers: ‘Bread, salt and the groom to earn money for it”. For drinking ritual, one glass contains vodka, and the other only water. Of course the couple cannot tell which is which; the one who gets vodka will play a leading role in the new marriage..

I'm sad I was only booked for 3 hours and would have loved to stay on to tell the whole story with this lovely bunch..

Here are a few of my favourites..

Venue: Nancarrow Farm, Cornwall // Date: 31.08.16 // Makeup & Hair: Sally Orchard // Dress: Dress: Vintage // Flowers: tbc// Cake: tbc // Music: Some like it hot