Rich & Kirsty's runaway Elopement Wedding at Lower Barns

What can I say, Rich and Kirsty really showed us how a runaway wedding is done properly! They only brought their mums, brother, a chocolate labrador and their adorable little daughter with them and didn't tell anyone at home. It officially just was a holiday in Cornwall. And when Kirsty called her dad after the ceremony to tell him they just got married there was a big 'WHAT, WOW, REALLY??' On the other end of the line. A great surprise!

They tied the knot at the fabulous Lower Barns Boutique and Breakfast on the Cornwall South Coast. The morning started unsettled with drizzle so it was a bit worrying if the sun comes out for them. But just in time during their ceremony the clouds cleared and we were blessed with scorching sunshine, ideal for a photo trip to the nearby Vault Bay.

Rich and Kirsty, I can't say enough how much I loved working with you. You have such a lovely bond for each other and your daughter is just so cute I couldn't stop taking photos of her!!!

I wish you all the best for your married life and I hope you like this little preview xxx..