Victoria & Ashley // Carnglaze Caverns and Edenproject Wedding

Probably one of the most challenging days I have photographed in a while. I love weddings a little different and this one certainly falls into this category. A hard day, but so worth it and probably one of my favourite weddings this season.. It started off that I couldn’t park my car near the cottage for the bridal preparations in Charlestown. They had their yearly Sailing Regatta on that day and the roads around Victoria’s Cottage were closed off for the event. I had to park 15 minutes away and carry my gear through a crowd of people.

The ceremony was at Carnglaze Caverns. I heard a lot about these caves, mostly that they are tricky to photograph as there is literally no light and you’re not allowed to use flash because of breeding bats! So I carried my LED light down the caves and regarding the circumstances I’m quite pleased with the results. If they just would put some new lights under that lake so it comes out better on photos…

After the ceremony Victoria and Ashley had a champagne reception in the beautiful gardens outside the cave before a vintage bus transported everyone to the Edenproject. Oh how I love this venue! I couldn’t wait to get back there, it’s a photographer’s delight with so many great backdrops for photos! And it doesn’t matter what the weather is like as the reception takes place in the mediterranean biome. Ashley and Victoria absolutely hate their photo taken, so we didn’t do any particular couple portraits, they wanted to keep it totally candid. I’m not into posing at all, but the Eden offers some amazing backdrops for photos, so a good walk with the couple through the grounds would have been fab. I sneaked a few in anyway and love them even more as they look more natural.

The speeches were hilarious, I’m quite pleased I’m not he only one with hair taming problems, sounds like the groom has his issues too. The best man gave him a golden hairdryer as a present, think I will get one too, it might help tame my frizzy hair in future! The Eden food, oh so delicious And did I mention the cake, how good is that wedding cake!

The evening started with cocktails in the tropical biome. If you have a form of vertigo the highest viewpoint is not for you, but what spectacular views from up there!

As soon as the band started playing everyone ventured on the dance floor. Must have been the tropical cocktails ha ha…

With everything running at least 1.5 hours late, I was knackered, so I missed the night exit sign and ended driving around in circles in the dark for half an hour ending up at closed gates. I found my way out and home eventually.. What a day, but so worth it!

Victoria and Ashley, you totally rocked your wedding! Here is your sneak peek

Venue Ceremony: Carnglaze Caverns // Venue Reception: Edenproject // Date: 27.07.19 // Flowers: The Flowermill Cornwall // Makeup: Charlestown Health and Beauty // Hair: Lisa Gadsby Hair // Music: TBC // Cake: TBC